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CEREC Study Club for Assistants

Did you know our very own Dr. Kent Marchant is the CEREC trainer for ALL of Alaska? He travels throughout the state to help dentists and their teams integrate CEREC into their practice. He also hosts the Alaska CEREC Study

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Meet Dr. Kent Marchant!

Dr. Kent Marchant is full of excitement for all things dental! Dr. Kent Marchant continually encourages the team to stay curious about dentistry and new technology. Under his leadership, same-day dentistry (CEREC) in our practice has taken off! It has also

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Movie, Broken Tooth, New Crown – All in One Day!

In today’s fast paced world, it is easy to get slowed down by a visit to your archaic dental office when you have a broken tooth emergency. Many of you have been there – you’re at the movies enjoying your

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